The Pale Kingdoms

Session 18

In Sheep's Clothing

The (“Party”) continues their exploration of the upper crypts, and soon finds a small shrine dedicated to a long buried Uthgardt warrior, “Fieren the Small”. In front of it lies a magical artifact, a Shawm of Silence, what Puddleduck came to the tomb for. While the gnome identifies its arcane properties, her companions find themselves battling the crypt’s guardians: a quartet of spectres, soon joined by two fearsome wights.

Once the enemies are defeated, further exploration yields more magical items in several other shrines: the Shield of the Wolf (which belonged to “Nora the Strong”), a Bag of Holding (from “Ghennak the Greedy”), and a spell scroll (from “Urdic the Wise”). Satisfied that they’ve found everything the Tomb of the Ulfheonar has to offer, the group goes back to the lower levels while deciding what to do about Glorien and his father, Sulmont.

Eventually they decide to accompany them to Triboar, their hometown, where they arrive on the morning of Eleint 11 after several days of cold, rainy travel through the countryside.

There, the group resupplies while Sulmont reports to his superiors. Afterwards, the captain promises to make sure Glorien is kept away from the people he could harm; and asks the group to use their resources to find a cure for lycanthropy. The (“Party”) weighs their options and eventually decide to travel to Waterdeep, where they hope they can find help with his ailment.

Eleint 12: The (“Party”) says their goodbyes and starts the journey towards the City of Splendors. But soon enough, another problem becomes apparent — even when away from Glorien, Mallory, Silver Fang‘s magical axe, won’t stop glowing. Which means a member of the group is a lycanthrope! But who?

Some tests are conducted, and it’s soon obvious that Dame Corlinn has been infected with the werewolf curse during the fights against the Gray Wolves. The (“Party”) is now faced with a serious problem; and suddenly, a very definite deadline casts a dark shadow over their heads.

The next full moon is due to rise on Eleint 30…



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