The Pale Kingdoms

Session 23

Last witch standing

The (“Party”) storms Groa’s sunken tower, fighting against her guardians. They manage to kill another two of them, until their captain shows up and urges them to halt the fight.

“Stop!”, he says to the men and women under his command. “The Lady Groa orders you to stop! She has honoured our visitors with an audience.”

Suspicious, Silver Fang, Dame Corlinn and Therenden acceed to talk to the witch, followed from the shadows by Vi and PuddleDuck. In the meantime, Heskan goes to the top floor to recover his trident, closely watched by some of the tower’s guardians. They all notice that their opponents stopped fighting immediately when asked and, when they finally meet the hag, they know why: she has them completely enthralled under some kind of hypnotic suggestion, and probably has for years.

The little girl they came to rescue, Autumn, is with the witch but, like the tower’s guardians, she’s also under her spell. Groa is interested in learning what the (“Party”) knows about her (and where is Rann hiding) but refuses to let Autumn go. Eventually the (“Party”) grows tired of pointless negotiations, and attacks.

Groa uses a secret trapdoor to drop PuddleDuck (along with the guardians’ captain) into the maws of Mr. Pimples, a gigantic Gibblering Mouther she keeps on the basement as a pet, and the culprit of the tower’s sinking. The group fights for their life and, In the confusion, Guffrey shambles into the tower: Rann wants to have “words” with her big sister.

In the end, Silver Fang delivers Groa a mortal blow and Rann grapples and drops her dying body into the jaws of Mr. Pimples — while the entire tower sinks into the ground! The (“Party”) escapes along with Autumn, Guffrey, some of the tower guardians, and their captain, who is grateful for having been rescued from the nightmare he’d been trapped in for years.

Outside the quickly sinking tower, they meet another adventuring group, which had been following their tracks sice they left Guffrey’s shack: The Party! This one is composed of Tenis (a half-elf sorcerer), Toxicity (a tiefling warlock), Jamyang (a dwarf monk), Drizzle Do’ Shizzle (a drow ranger), Tinkerhell (a pixie) and a helmeted warrior they introduce as… Dame Corlinn?!

It turns out this Dame Corlinn is no other than Cymril, the other Dame Corlinn’s little sister, now living a life of adventure of her own. The two women have little to say to each other — for now. The Party! is also headed for Waterdeep, after all, and it’s a small world…

Eleint 21, afternoon: The (“Party”) returns to Amphail, where they receive their reward from Warder Briiathor and talk with Guffrey and Sadel about Autumn’s future. Looks like the group is about to gain another member…

In the solitude of her room, the young girl whispers “It’s okay, we are alone now. You can come out.” On cue, Rann’s ghost emerges from her body, grinning.

“Oh, my little sister! I know you’re scared about what the future may bring, but do not worry. I’ll be with you every step of the way, and teach you everything you need to know. And who knows? One day, maybe you can have little sisters of your own…”



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